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Waratah Repairs


TK Systems specialises in the repair, service and refurbishment of broken and faulty Waratah screens and modules.

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                               Monochrome Logrite 750 LCD Screen manufactured by Waratah

Waratah Monochrome Logrite 750 LCD ScreenAn unreadable screen is a common issue with the Monochrome Logrite®   750 LCD screen display. TK Systems have had these LCD screens re- manufactured to a much higher standard than the original ones. We offer a repair service for your faulty displays.

We can fix your Monochrome Logrite 750 LCD Screen and save you money replacing the entire unit.

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                                                                           Model number: AS-651    

                                 Logrite Colour Screen manufactured by Waratah                             

Waratah Logrite Color Screen

 TK Systems repairs broken and faulty Logrite Colour Screens.

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Model number: AS-661


 Logrite Cab Module manufactured by Waratah     


                   We can refurbish your faulty Logrite Cab Module. Waratah Logrite Cab Module
                                                       Contact us. 

                                             Model number: AS-656, AS-666, AS-696


                       Logrite Head Module manufactured by Waratah

Waratah Logrite Head Module      We can repair broken and faulty Logrite Head Modules.                                     

                                                                                              Contact us.
                                                               Model number: AS-667


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